Christian Education: A Day of Prayer

The subject line: A day of prayer.

The email was hidden among hundreds of others and easily could have been overlooked in the fast-paced information coming through my college inbox. As the students prepared for spring break and shifted to relaxation and relief from the stress of college life, I opened the email to hear the war cry from the ACSI president-

It’s time for us to unite and pray.

Praying for Christian schools should be a given, right? After all, it’s how we start each day or each class period with our students, but there was something different about this request. There was an urgent undertone in the message, one that was more than an invitation to simply say a “grace” prayer

It was more of a call to raise a united voice to our King.

The request was to unite as Christian educators- to acknowledge and know each other’s needs and to lift each other up in the holy calling that God has placed in our lives. It was a call to flood the heavens with our praises and make a declaration of our need for Him.
Beth Moore stated: “There are parts of our calling, works of the Holy Spirit, and defeats of the darkness that will come no other way than through furious, fervent, faith-filled, unceasing prayer.” We as Christian educators need this same fervency as we unite to pray for our Christian schools.

As we began to work on the logistics of setting up our house of prayer on our campus, I knew this was more than just a meeting. It was a chance to see God move in our Christian schools and to introduce a new aspect of Christian education to our students.

As students came back from spring break, the prayer time at our school was another opportunity to share in PACE (Professional Association of Christian Educators) what makes Christian education so deeply rich and beautiful. As the ACSI schools around the world started posting their needs, the online world map that was created for the event was engulfed with hundreds of prayer requests. Each request shared the heartbeat of Christian education and showed a dimension of the ministry that takes place on a daily basis.

From the major requests that were posted, the students were able to see what we believe as Christian educators:

  • Prayers for spiritual fortification. We acknowledge our strength and source are not in our grand ideas or agenda but in the spiritual fortitude that He gives for each and every day.
  • Prayers for facilities and finances: We know that our Provision does not rest in man’s hands, but God’s abundance. Our dependence rest in seeing Him move on our behalf and living in the land of miracles.
  • Prayers for more students: We have a desire to offer this rich experience to as many students as possible, so they have a biblical worldview as their foundation for the life He has called them to live.
  • Prayers for protection against spiritual warfare: We know the battles that we are in are bigger than just understanding math or passing a test. It is a battleground over our students’ spiritual walks and their developments as Christians.
  • Prayers for families: We partner with families in Christian education and know that the Enemy wants to destroy the Home. As Christian educators, we have a unique opportunity to speak the truth and live our faith in front of parents that may be struggling or that do not believe.
  • Prayers for community impact: We understand that our Christian school is a beacon, a light in our community, and God has divinely place each of us exactly where we are so He can further His kingdom through our obedience.
  • Revival: Ultimately, we know it will take the Holy Spirit moving in our hearts and in our schools that will ignite the communities that God has us planted. When we pray for revival, we pray it starts with us.

As the students took the time to read through each request, a greater understanding and appreciation for this unique education ministry was born. The requests were more than just a statement about a need; it was sharing the core of Christian education- Advancing His Kingdom and acknowledging our dependence.
This was not just a day of prayer – I believe it was a spiritual shift in the Christian education movement. When we unite together around the world, asking God to act on our behalf to fulfill His mission, we let the enemy know we are laying claim to the ground and students God has given us. The work that we do cannot be completed alone and requires the unity of our hearts and minds to stay encourage, effective, and yielded to what God wants to do in Christian education.

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